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Since then I’ve made it a prime bucket list item to see as much of this world as I can; and hopefully do an indefinite trip. This blog documents my journey to achieving this life goal. :)

I am a research assistant by trade, and study wireless communication systems - especially “Cognitive Radio Networks” that intelligently interact with their environment. You may find some nerdy tinkering / programming / Machine Learning stuff here from time to time.

During nights, I am a Slow Foodie. This environmental catastrophe that we humans are causing is worrisome (understatement of the century), and food systems contribute some >20% to CO2 emissions. At the same time the way we grow, harvest, produce, process, distribute, prepare and eat our food directly impacts our soil, our oceans, our animals, our roads and ships and airplanes, our wallets and our bodies and minds. Food is our fuel, and has such great effect on everything around us. So I’m politically active in this area, as a Slow Food activist (I run the Hamburg Slow Food Youth site) and as a private person trying to live sustainably. You’ll surely find a rant here and there about this as well.