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I was recently approached by a financial advisor of sorts. Having just set up my first savings plan, I asked myself how I could invest the money I save. To be honest: I had no idea on this topic.

Well, in a first meeting I had explained my situation to the advisor lady: I want to save about 20.000Eur within the next four years, and when I do invest it, it has to be in sustainable, green projects and businesses. I do not want to support weapons manufacturers, the oil industry, industrial agriculture and so on. I’m complicated like that. :)

In a second meeting she had gone through everything, and interestingly enough advised me not to put it into any stocks or bonds. They fluctuate quite strongly, and four years is not a long period. It would be too risky that things are in a low when I want to go, which would mean I lose a substantial amount of money. On the other hand, the amount I’d be investing is not that huge either, so on the best side of things I wouldn’t have gained all that much.

So, concludingly, I should just put it into my savings account with my bank, which gives me some percentage on it, even though it’s terribly small. Good to know, and good on her for telling me this instead of trying to sell me something. Thanks, Chantal!